Agree, an elongated rectangle is not the most desirable geometry of space. However, even such a room shape can be beaten, hiding flaws and emphasizing the advantages. Would you like to know how? Let us share the experience of Russian professionals

Correct furniture arrangement

The simplest (but most effective!) way to visually correct the proportions of a room is to arrange the furniture correctly. This keeps the longer walls less cluttered, and puts more weight on the shorter walls. For example, in this children’s room, the storage system and work area are arranged along the “short sides” of the rectangle.

A shift in the focus

To visually correct the geometry, shift the colored accents to one of the “long sides” of the rectangle. They will draw attention to themselves, pushing the unsuccessful proportions of the room into the background. For example, in this room, two bright armchairs act as such visual “magnets.

“Tricky” remodeling

This elongated corridor-type living room was turned into a square by an unusual redesign. The boundary of the room was shifted thanks to the installation of two walk-in closets. As a result, there are spacious storage systems in the apartment, and the living room has become much more comfortable. And visually the room does not feel small: thanks to the closets, they were able to do without bulky furniture.


Mirrored surfaces are another proven method that can correct even the most unfortunate geometry of the room and visually turn a rectangular room into a more comfortable space. Please note: mirrors should be placed on the long wall.

Concealed storage system

Another option for correcting the geometry of a rectangular room with storage systems is hidden cabinets. For example, in this living room, two incredibly capacious full-wall closets are hidden behind a false fireplace. Here the owners of the apartment store suitcases, unseasonal outerwear and other oversized items not used every day.


If the size of the room and the ratio of “sides of the rectangle” allow, use the techniques of zoning. This will help turn a disadvantage into an advantage: after all, an elongated room is much easier to divide into zones than a square one.And also for rooms with a bay window or an attached loggia or balcony.

Full wall shelving

One of the win-win solutions for a rectangular room is a full-wall shelving unit. Please note: the shelving unit should be placed by the short wall.

Partition in the center

For rooms that are a narrow elongated “carriage house” of decent size, the best solution would be to divide it into two parts. If there is only one window in the room, a transparent or translucent sliding partition will help. However, you can do without additional structures, limiting yourself to simpler methods. For example, a drapery, a screen or any other conventional partition.

Interior shot of a modern living room

Dressing Room

For the bedroom, the most logical way to make the room less elongated would be to arrange a walk-in closet. It will “cut off” part of the room, but it will make it more regular and allow you to avoid bulky cabinets and chests of drawers. Those who are especially worried about losing precious square meters can make the walls of the dressing room transparent or translucent, preserving the feeling of more spacious space.

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