Bedroom furniture is the most mysterious area of the apartment for every owner. Luxury individual bedroom bed or an island of family rest, always this room is characterized by mystery, romance and elegance. The design of the bedroom furniture should be based solely on your own tastes, as only you have to settle down in your cozy bed, tuning in to rest and relaxation.

How to design furniture in the bedroom?

You can do the calculation yourself with the help of third-party services, or you can call a specialist who does it professionally

The design of the bedroom specialists advise to project in a calm manner and light colors. This combination is most successful for the psyche of an adult, who needs an unobtrusive and soft atmosphere for complete relaxation.
But, not only from the furniture all depends, it is also important to adhere to the rules in creating the interior of the room.
To create the perfect interior, observe the following recommendations.

Light – one of the main sources of life energy. Large windows and good artificial lighting in the bedroom will make it more spacious and free, which is important in such an interior. It is desirable to place several sources of light around the room, so that the lighting is reduced to a minimum in the evening. It is desirable to use lamps with a warm light temperature, which is less aggressive on health.

Designers’ suggestions for decorating bedrooms can be the boldest – from gentle unobtrusive tones to saturated and even poisonous. The color of the walls is a kind of base for the creation of the interior, so there should be mainly shades in which you are going to create combinations. Even if you like bright and saturated colors, you can use them to paint the walls, diluting with a white tone. In this way, you will get a pleasing to the eye base shade, while being able to play with more expressive accents of the same color palette.

The bedroom design is based on the main element of this area – the bed. A spacious, soft and luxurious bed will be the key to the attractive appearance of your bedroom, so you should be very careful when choosing the main attribute. But do not forget about such pieces of furniture as cabinets and chests of drawers that serve as storage space. In the bedroom, if possible, use all the free zones that are not too conspicuous – then the layout will be balanced and unobtrusive.

In the bedroom there is a place for delicate curtains, interesting plaids, bright pillows and wall decorations. Based on the chosen style of bedroom, rely on your taste and boldly choose a few expressive accents that will immediately attract attention in the interior. Do not forget about the Japanese practice of feng shui, which says that the symbols in your home can be the basis for its material embodiment.

Also, in addition to furniture and room design, very important is light in the bedroom, and we will talk about it

The color harmony of sleep

Everyone wants to have a comfortable and cozy bedroom, a pleasant atmosphere in the room is the first step to a good mood in the morning. The color of the walls, furniture, accessories plays a significant role, because even the inner state of the person in the room may depend on it.
Even ancient healers noticed that different colors can have a positive or negative effect on the well-being and mood of the person. There is even a whole science called chromotherapy, which allows treating people with the influence of different colors.

Chromotherapy can also be used in the interior, because color is energy, which is transmitted in the form of various electromagnetic waves, affecting people.

The spectrum of colors in the bedroom may be different, but it is not necessary to design the interior design exclusively in one pure color, it is better to choose the best combination, where one color will be the main and the others – the accent colors.

The influence of bedroom colors on a person

If you refer to such a science as chromotherapy, you can come to a simple conclusion that each shade affects the well-being of the owner of the room in its own way.

Let’s look at the main colors:

Red. This color is quite aggressive, it has a stimulating effect on the nervous system, but it can only be used as a complementary color. In a bedroom with red walls it is very problematic to recover.

Yellow. This color of creative energy, it harmonizes the processes of the nervous system. It can be used as the main color in the design of the rest room.

Blue. Soothes, relaxes, inhibits processes in the body. Also recommended as an accent color.

Orange. Something in between yellow and red. Its shades of peach and apricot can be used as basic colors.

Green. It is considered one of the most harmonious colors, contributes to relaxation and harmonization of the body. It can be used as the main color as well as an additional color.
Pastel shades. Creamy, ayvory, beige, light lettuce, cream colors are suitable for the bedroom best of all. “Revive” them with the help of bright color accents.

Black. In large quantities, this color has a depressing effect on the body, so it is recommended to use it as accents in the bedroom.

Blue, light green. This is the so-called nautical color scheme, they are perfectly combined with many shades – brown, orange, gray.
When choosing a color there are many factors to consider: for the bedroom, whose windows face the north, a warm range is preferable, in the south – cool colors. With dark furniture and flooring light colors are better combined and vice versa.

An interesting option would be the so-called accent wall: it will be painted in a dark or bright tone, and the other walls in pastels. If you have chosen a light color as the main color, then bright accents can be a carpet, curtains, bedspread, pillows, accessories and other elements.

It is also worth remembering that even images can affect the mood. A bedroom, which has sharp and jagged designs, seems uncomfortable, but wavy and smooth lines, on the contrary, are soothing. Geometric shapes add a kind of stability to the interior, trees and flowers promote relaxation, and funny animals adjust to a good mood. Genre pictures quickly tire, so it is not desirable to use them in the bedroom.

Choosing colors according to style

Depending on what style your bedroom will be decorated in, you need to choose the main color as well.

Classic and modern. For these styles, cream, beige, milk shades, coffee and milk colors will be suitable. It is possible to make a contrasting interior, combining pastel tones with black, chocolate or deep purple.

High-tech. This style is characterized by shiny surfaces, glass and mirrors. Walls can be painted in white, steel-gray, with black or red accents.
Ethnic style. Choosing a background for such a bedroom, do not rush to buy wallpaper with bright ornaments or hieroglyphs, the walls are the background, so let it be as homogeneous as possible. Choose colors that are close to natural – light brown, soft green, pinkish, blue. You can combine these shades with imitations of reptile skin or animal skin – it will turn out very stylish.

Provence and country. These styles are close in spirit, and bedroom decoration should be warm and cozy. Do not be carried away by imitations; the materials should also be natural.

Rococo. This style is characterized by nobility and pretentiousness: a combination of beige and dark brown, purple and silver, white and gold or carmine and pink will look beautiful.

Oriental style. One of the few styles in which bright hues are a pattern. Gold, burgundy, yellow, blue – all these colors can be embodied in the interior. The accessories can be made in bright colors, but the walls should be solid-colored – here it all depends on your preferences.
When choosing the color of the walls, you should keep in mind that the same shade in the morning and in the evening will look different. Therefore, if you are going to paint the wall, apply the paint to a small area and observe how the color will change during the day.

How to choose paintings according to the shape and size of the bedroom?
For a small room, it is better to choose light, but cool tones – green, blue, lavender, but bright and warm colors give coziness, but also visually reduce the bedroom.

Visually elongate the space can be achieved by horizontal patterns, and diagonal stripes and patterns will help to smooth out the roughness of the wall, hide niches and unsuccessful protrusions.

A bedroom with south-facing windows will be less hot if you choose white, aquamarine, turquoise or pearl shades with a glossy surface.

For a spacious bedroom you can use color compositions: blue and light green, lavender and plum, burgundy and pale pink, carmine and eggplant, green and silver – such tandems seem very dynamic and original.

To zoning the room you can paint the walls in different shades: for example, in the sleeping area the wall above the headboard can be made darker, but near the closet or desk – painted in a lighter shade.

Visually reduce the high ceilings can be achieved by using wallpaper of the same color as the walls of the room, but the wallpaper with stripes or vertical patterns will help to visually increase the height of the ceiling.

When decorating the bedroom, listen to your inner feelings: you should be comfortable in the room. If the color is modern, and the style is ultramodern, but your heart is not in it, then you’d better turn to traditional shades. And in the catalog, you can always easily find furniture in the right color for your interior. Choose a comfortable sofa, a functional wall or a roomy closet as well as interesting bedroom sets. Enjoy the harmony of your home and full relaxation in it.

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