Best inexpensive budget mattresses – we have a list of the best mattresses that will work for you, so take a closer look and pick the perfect one for you

Hi all, I, Marfa, I work in the furniture business . Today I will help you choose an inexpensive and quality mattress, so let’s start with the basics

1) First, you need to understand what kind of load you need. The load in mattresses is calculated per bed (per person). Base it on your weight + 20-30 kg. = the minimum necessary load for the future mattress. If you liked the mattress with greater weight load, it is good. And if with less, it is better not to risk. Let’s say, if the person weighs 100 kg. and he/she liked the mattress with the weight up to 100-110, at this purchase it is to be understood, that the service life of this mattress will not be long.
A common question: “And if I’m 100 kg. and my wife is 60, and if we are going to have sex, what kind of mattress will we need according to the weight load?
Answer: Let’s put our hands on our hearts and roughly calculate how long your process lasts? Statistics say 10-15 minutes and a couple times a week on average. And the rest of the time (and that’s pretty much the rest of the night) you’re on a mattress resting. That’s why it’s better to choose a mattress for comfortable sleep.

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