The different types of platform beds

Platform beds are ideal for those who want their room to have a minimalist and simple look. The appeal of this type of bed lies mainly on its simple lines and elegant design, and the low profile sleeping surface. There are beds with a base consisting of flat, treed, horizontal surface, hard intended to support only the mattress but platform beds offers a compact and firm cushioning, and with the help of slats, mattress foundation or box spring is no longer necessary. Another advantage of using a platform bed is the space that comes under the platform. This space can be used as storage and this is one of the reasons why the popularity of platform beds has recently increased. Platform beds come in different varieties. These include wooden, leather or metal platform beds. Wooden platform beds come in exclusive Italian designs, fantastic and exclusive European leaders for sophisticated, high-end and contemporary furniture. Innovative range in transitional furniture with different products manufactured with superior quality and high standard is also available.

They are made of 100% kiln dried veneers and tropical woods for the beds to ensure longevity and strength. A wooden platform bed provides the room with a simple look with a feeling of being close to nature. Its low physical profile compared to other low-set furniture including dressers, coffee tables, as well as other bedroom furniture as well. Metal platform beds also have great offerings. In addition to being strong and sturdy, metal platform beds require less maintenance, no more re-coloring or repainting. This type of platform bed is made of sheet metal or tubular steel. For an aesthetic effect, metal platform beds can come with headboards and footboards. Modern platform beds such as those in leather that come in sleek shapes can greatly compliment almost any decor, whether traditional, transitional or contemporary. In truth, simplicity can make a strong statement with a stylish leather platform bed. The very popular king or queen platform beds offer a very practical solution with a more modern design. These platform beds will allow you to have a bigger share of the savings, since you no longer need a box spring. Their slatted platform frames also provide central support to prevent sagging. Platform beds are available in various sizes, including full, twin-engine king, queen and king cal. In the U.S., twin is also called Single, full is also called double, king is also called the king of the East, queen is also called the Queen and Cal king size beds are made exclusively for large people, usually taller and wider than the queen bed but not as tall as the King of by. Read more about different types of beds

A bed is generally composed of several elements. The equipment of a bedding consists of a bed structure on which is placed a mattress that rests on a box spring. The mattress, as we all know, has an undeniable utility which is to ensure our comfort during our sleep. The box spring for its part has a role less easy to identify. Is the box spring mandatory to use a mattress properly? We are going to tell you what is the interest of the box spring and if a bed must have a box spring or not!

Why a box spring under the mattress?

Is it necessary to integrate a box spring under a mattress? First of all, it is important to know that initially, the bed base is not intended to ensure the comfort of the bedding or at least only moderately. The box spring is mainly used to ensure the ventilation of the mattress. It improves the life and performance of the mattress, reduces humidity due to perspiration and keeps the body supported. Indeed, a mattress that rests on a surface without ventilation such as the floor can suffer various damages.

When you sleep, your body emits moisture that diffuses into the mattress. Without ventilation under the mattress, this moisture cannot escape and can deteriorate the quality of the mattress. A mattress placed on the floor or on an unsuitable base can also suffer from the humidity of the room that is present against the walls and on the floor. Mould stains can then appear on the mattress. This can generate allergy risks, especially with the development of dust mites.

Finally, a properly ventilated mattress will return to its shape more easily. The bed base in the composition of the bed has above all an objective of ventilation of the mattress. The box spring also ensures the suspension of the bed. A bed in height will avoid you to bend to go to sleep. The comfort of a box spring is less important, as the mattress provides 90% of the support! Read more here

Sleeping in any position

A rectangular bed forces the sleeper to rest his head at the headboard, which restricts his possibilities to move as he wishes. Feeling restricted in movement can lead to frustration and prevent the sleeper from getting quality sleep. With the round bed, say goodbye to these constraints.

Indeed, a concentric bed allows you to sleep in any position, and to put your head where you want. Although some round beds come with headboards, the fact that a round bed has the same diameter throughout means you can rest your head wherever you want.

Choosing a mattress for your round bed
While investigating round beds, one question kept popping into our minds: what about mattresses? How to choose a mattress when you have a round bed? To our surprise, we discovered that round beds can accommodate any standard mattress as long as it has the same bed size.

Simply put, all mattresses are compatible with round beds and vice versa. In this case, we recommend that you opt for the best new generation mattresses based on the latest technologies to sleep in the best possible conditions!

To make the right choice, we invite you to consult our selection of the best mattress brands as well as our guides on the best memory foam mattresses, pocket spring mattresses and natural latex mattresses.

There are different types of bed bases:

The bare slatted base without suspension: it can be used with a foam mattress for occasional use but is not recommended for other types of mattresses such as spring mattresses.
The bare slatted base with suspension: it must be used with a spring or foam mattress; although it is perfectly suitable for a latex mattress, it does not optimize the properties of the mattresses.

The spring base: not to be used under a foam or latex foam or latex mattress; even if it is perfectly combined with the spring mattress, it is still not recommended. Indeed, it ensures a weak ventilation for the mattress and is not very stable. The box spring is also not recommended for people with back problems because it is rigid and lacks firmness.
A box spring is a box spring mounted on covered and closed legs, i.e. with a bottom sheet (anti-dust) and a tray. A box spring can be both slatted and sprung. There are three types of box springs: bowl, extra flat and classic. These types provide a more or less firm comfort. The box spring makes it possible to remove the presence of a bed frame although the box spring is compatible with this last. It thus has an aesthetic asset. The box spring is generally covered with a ticking (except the one with visible slats) which, if it ensures the protection of the bedding, has on the other hand the disadvantage to slightly harm the ventilation.

The best type of bed base is…

If you choose a box spring, you should know that the best type of box spring is the one that will ensure optimal comfort (size and aesthetics). The box spring or bare slats are recommended. The ventilation of the mattress is not very variable between the types of box spring.

In the short term, you can leave a mattress on the floor. However, it is advised not to leave it in contact with the ground for too long. If you don’t have an alternative to a box spring, make sure you lift your mattress regularly and change sides so that ventilation can be effective! In the long run, you should consider investing in a box spring or an alternative to it. This will allow you to optimize the life of your mattress. 23 best bed here

For unparalleled comfort

Choosing a king-size 180×200 bed for your bedroom means enjoying maximum comfort every night. You may not know it, but people who sleep on a queen-size bed feel better rested. They wake up feeling more energetic and better. You sleep better on a queen-size bed, and you recover well after a hard day’s work. Don’t forget that in order to be healthy, you must have quality sleep. And still, we spend an average of 8 hours in bed every day, so wouldn’t it be better to take advantage of this moment of relaxation by opting for a more spacious and ultra comfortable bed!

More freedom of movement

Whether you sleep alone or with a partner, you have to admit that a large bed offers more freedom of movement thanks to its larger than normal size. Moreover, whatever your morphology and size, such a bed offers more space to allow you to sleep in peace. If you’re a couple, you can move around without fear of waking up the person sleeping next to you, something that a conventional bed doesn’t offer. You won’t disturb his sleep, and you won’t be the cause of his bad day because he had a bad night with you. Besides, it’s a great choice if you or your partner is a restless sleeper or if you get up regularly at night since there’s sleeping independence.

Other activities
The bed in your bedroom is not just for sleeping. It’s multi-functional and can be used for other activities as well. With a queen-size bed, you can make the most of the space. It is the ideal place to relax and unwind, and you can use it to read, to work, to watch TV, to listen to music, to stretch, to play video games… If the bed is strong enough with pocket springs, it is possible to do physical activities and even jump. However, eating should be avoided, as sleep can be disturbed by food crumbs in the bed.

Do I have to use a box spring for my bed?

The advantages of the round bed

For a few years now, the fashion effect surrounding round beds has been booming. But why are more and more people deciding to switch from rectangular to concentric beds?

Curious to learn more, we tried a few round beds at the editorial office. To our surprise, the round bed proved to be particularly interesting in many aspects. Discover in the following the different advantages of round beds.

Give a touch of originality to your bedroom
Being the centerpiece of a bedroom, the bed must be chosen with great care and this is even more the case if you want to obtain an original and personalized decoration. Because of its atypical design, the round bed escapes our standards of Westerners used to rectangular beds.

Opting for a concentric bed means choosing a bed with an innovative aesthetic that gives your bedroom an undeniable touch of originality and modernity. If you want to stand out by decorating your bedroom in a bold, even avant-garde way, the round bed is the piece of furniture you need.

A very comfortable bed
Contrary to our expectations, not to say prejudices, a round bed has proven to be as comfortable, if not much more so than a rectangular bed. Because of its concentric shape, a round bed offers a spacious and generous sleeping area.

For your health

Sleeping on a queen-size bed is good for your health, as it is able to support your spine well. You should know that it offers a better position for your back, neck and joints. In addition, by sleeping well at night, you will be able to fight depression while enjoying great emotional stability. Your daily life and your life in general will be improved.

Because of its large size, this type of bed can accommodate several people. This is the case if your children want to sleep with you. Everyone will be comfortable, and no one will be disturbed. It is thus intended for the large families. Also, if you practice co-sleeping or co-sleeping, the big bed is perfectly adapted. You can even put your pets to sleep in it because there is enough room.

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