For many people, the bedroom is the most important room in the house. Indeed, it is there that we rest, that we recharge and that we recharge our batteries. This is why it is important to think carefully about the design of a bedroom, as well as its decoration.

Start with the walls

Think about what you want on your walls, paint or wallpaper, maybe? The best thing for a bedroom is to opt for neutral and light colors, such as:

A bedroom is made for resting, that’s why light colors are to be preferred. In addition, light colors inspire calm and cleanliness. In addition, you can choose a wallpaper that you like and put it on the side where your headboard is. If, for example, your headboard is in an alcove, you can paint it in a dark tone that you like, this technique will give character to your room. Top bedroom design here

After the painting, the furniture

Once your painting is done, you can choose your furniture. It is best to choose furniture with a timeless look, that is, furniture that you can keep as long as possible. Vintage style furniture is very trendy and never goes out of style. For a bedroom, it is necessary, above all, to listen to ourselves and try to understand what type of decoration will allow us to feel good in our interior. Solid wood for a chest of drawers or even a desk will warm up the room and give it more character in a cosy spirit. The Scandinavian style is also a good idea for your furniture. Generally sold at reasonable prices, Scandinavian furniture is simple, aesthetic and goes with any type of decor.

For your bed, the best thing to do is to buy a box spring and a headboard separately. This will allow you to save money and customize your bed as you wish. A canvas or tweed headboard in light tones will make you want to spend time in your room and relax.

Must-haves for a successful bedroom
In this section, we will present some decorative elements to have in a bedroom.

A cozy bedding
Bedding is a very important element in a bedroom. Choose quality bedding in light colors. Choose natural materials, such as:

You can decorate your bed with plaids of different colors and cushions of different sizes, for maximum comfort. Remember, however, to invest in orthopedic cushions for optimal sleep.

Subdued lighting
In a bedroom, it’s best to choose soft, subdued lighting. What better than halogen lamps that can be adjusted as desired. You can also install vintage sconces on either side of your headboard and choose bulbs in warm colors to maintain the subdued effect.

Curtains are very important in a bedroom, as they will serve to regulate the amount of natural light that comes into your space during the day. It’s up to you whether you prefer curtains that are completely opaque or that would allow light to partially enter your bedroom. Opt for light tones that do not assault life, to maintain the atmosphere of calm and rest.

If you love plants, but don’t dare to buy any for fear of not taking care of them properly, fear not, because there are indoor plants that are easy to maintain and look great. Here are a few examples:

In this section, we will present some essential decorative elements in your bedroom, namely:

To sleep in

When we think of bedroom, the first idea that comes to mind is of course sleep. And yes, it is one of our main activities. Nevertheless, when asked what you do for a living, very few people admit that they are sleepers long before they are engineers, teachers, pharmacists or plumbers.

Yet this is the case for all of us.

If we assume about 8 hours of sleep per day, we spend a third of a day lying in bed.

Clearly, on an average life of 80 years, we stay almost 27 years lying down and without awareness of the world around us.

The bedroom should therefore be a place that you should take special care of for this reason alone, it is the room where you spend the most time in your life.

For some quiet passions

Secondly, you don’t just sleep there. In fact, throughout your existence, it is often a place that you will prefer for certain activities.

You will prefer your room for quiet and solitary activities. In early childhood, it’s usually for games (construction, puzzles, etc.), and as you get older, it’s more commonly for reading and other quiet distractions.

Whether you’re on your bed, at the foot of your bed, or in a chair in front of a desk, this is the sanctuary where you usually isolate yourself.

To make love

And of course, your bedroom is also the space where you will start to discover your body. It may be where your first masturbations take place.

With adolescence, you will take refuge there with your flirts to exchange your first kisses. You may also experience your first shared caresses and for some of you, it may even be the place of your very first time.

Later, it is the couple’s sanctuary where most of their lovemaking will take place.

Your bedroom is therefore the room that will witness your first pleasures, as well as your last. So, as you will see, it is a living area not to be neglected. It should even be the place that you should be particularly concerned about in your home.

The design of your bedroom should not be neglected

Think about privacy. To begin with, to feel comfortable, you have to be safe. So, it’s privacy and the risk of that privacy being broken that I’m talking about here.

This can happen when someone enters your sanctuary during a carnal activity for example.

One can think of parents during adolescence in the first place. This is a common source of stress during masturbation. Moreover, it is also sometimes what will strongly slow down or on the contrary accelerate your rise to orgasm. The fear of being caught can either block or on the contrary increase the excitement.

Later on, it’s the arrival of surprise guests, often the couple’s young children, that can cut short your lovemaking. It is also a source of frustration, because having other people in your home drastically limits the sound expression that can be produced during these moments of pleasure.

So to feel safe, it is important to use stratagems to guarantee a minimum of privacy. The first technique is to use a lock to prevent access.

If this is not possible, then a different trick should be used, which is to prevent direct view of the bed when opening the door.

In reality, this is rarely feasible. Rooms are often too small to allow such an arrangement. It is still possible to do it by using canopy drapes, limiting the view of the bed.

So, when you design your bedroom, it is important to create a pleasant and intimate space, conducive to relaxation and a sense of security that allows you to let go more easily.

It’s also a private place, because you don’t share it with anyone. Indeed, we generally receive visitors in our living room, not in the bedroom, which remains intimate. It is therefore a privileged place that is reserved for a very restricted circle. Read more here

The size of the bed

Another essential criterion for the design of your bedroom will be your bed and particularly the size of it. I will explain here why having a large bed is preferable for the couple.

To begin with, it is true that when you are younger, it is less important. Indeed, even in a 120 cm bed, it is quite possible to sleep together when you are a teenager. As it is often the first times, one is therefore able to easily stay awake most of the night to fool around. It will therefore not really be a question of sleep here.

On the other hand, once adult and in couple, the situation is quite different. This time, the size of the bed is going to have a capital importance. So why is a large bed good for your household? We talk about big beds when their width is at least 160 cm.

The main reason is that you will be able to sleep much better than in a smaller bed. Indeed, to rest well, you need to have a quiet environment. But when sleeping together, you are always subject to the hazards of each other’s movements. If these occur during phases of light sleep, you are sure to be awake.

As long as the waking period is short, it is fine, but the disadvantage starts with the period of insomnia that may follow. If this happens frequently, waking up is difficult. A feeling of tiredness falls on you as soon as you get up.

When you are exhausted, you are much more irritable. This can lead to more frequent and explosive arguments. It is harmful for the duo. Moreover, at this time, we often have a big drop in libido. This is completely normal and understandable. Exhaustion leads to simply wanting to rest and sleep, not to fool around with your partners. So that’s why a queen-sized bed is a real friend to couples.

The second positive reason for the household to have a large bed is that it offers many more possibilities in the sex. Indeed, when the length is almost equivalent to the width, it is then conceivable to use all the space, in any direction for very intense sex without worrying about the environment.

You’ll never find yourself half in the air, or with one of your four limbs sticking out of the mattress. This may seem like a small thing, but it’s not. A comfortable position for everyone allows you to appreciate the moment much better. This allows you to take greater pleasure.

Remove distractions

But in order to have fun during sex, sex has to happen. That’s why I strongly advise you to remove all possible sources of distraction from the bedroom.

For example, don’t put a television set at the foot of your bed. I talked about it in this article. I invite you to read it by clicking here.

But that’s not all. There is not only the television to leave at the door of the room. I suggest that you avoid all devices with screens. Whether it’s your phone, your tablet or your computer.

So I know that for many people today, the phone has become a kind of companion of every moment and that it is difficult to do without it. Even worse, some people use it as an alarm clock. This would not be a problem if there were not constant solicitations from these machines that will ask for your attention.

So, if in the middle of a sexual act, your phone notifies you that you have just received a message, many people will be curious enough to read it. And even if you don’t go directly to the message, you will have in mind that there is one to look at. Your attention will be diverted from the person with whom you are sharing a moment of pleasure. This is really counterproductive for both you and your relationship.

And I’m not talking about two partners in bed who are both looking at their phones. This bad habit makes you more connected to it than to the physical, living person next to them. This is a real disaster for the life of two.

Night time noises

Moreover, sometimes you have to take it upon yourself without your partners knowing. Indeed, when you sleep, you can harm yourself without realizing it and without wanting to. It is necessary to have for oneself and for the other person indulgence for all that can happen at night.

I mentioned this earlier, but you can be woken up in the middle of the night by gesticulations. It is often very uncomfortable and disturbing.

You can also be woken up by banging. They can be given by the arms or the legs during movements.

I once got punched in the face during the night. Believe me, you wake up instantly and remember it. I can’t count the number of kicks or elbows I received.

On the noise side, there is also a whole procession of discomforts that you may experience. The first one is usually snoring. These are strongly aggravated by weight gain and are due to a collapse of the soft palate after the muscles have been relaxed during sleep. The air will then make it vibrate and sometimes cause a sound worthy of a chainsaw. It is usually very annoying for those who suffer, even if the person who makes it is often totally unaware of it.

In addition to snoring, there can also be sounds related to the friction of the teeth on each other. This is called bruxism. In addition to the very unpleasant noise, this will severely file the teeth of the victim of this evil.

Finally, we must also take into account the nocturnal flatulence that is emitted during sleep. This is probably the least annoying noise from the point of view of volume. However, they can be annoying from an olfactory point of view.

You see, for the one who is awake, or who is awakened by sounds, movements or other manifestations of his or her companion, it is a real mission of self-denial that is at stake. This is often the subject of grievances in the couple when it starts to wear out. Find out more here here

You’re looking for the best in bedroom style. We share your enthusiasm. The bedroom is still an essential part of the home. Therefore, its design must follow the latest trends. And there is no shortage of offers! To help you make the right choice, let’s discover the latest trends together. You’re sure to find one that suits your taste.

Your bedroom is the centerpiece of your home and you should give it special attention. This is quite normal and your bedroom deserves this special treatment! Indeed, it is the place where you spend the most time. However, what look to give it among all these trends as innovative as the others?

To tell you the truth, the meteoric return of wallpaper is causing a stir in the world of interior design. Why not follow the trend of wallpaper for your bedroom? Currently, stores offer a wide range of wallpapers with various designs and especially original at incredible prices! What are you waiting for? Here are some tips to make the right choice. The wallpaper should be in harmony with the color of your walls, windows and curtains. Believe me, you will add value to your bedroom with wallpaper. Try this highly decorative ornamental medium and you’ll be hearing from me.

If you like “made in china”, go for a very original style: Feng Shui. Don’t worry, this Asian trend is more and more appreciated by decorators. Adopting this style means accepting all the knowledge of the Asian culture in terms of decoration and interior design. The Feng Shui style is very easy to achieve and especially very original.

Some characteristics of this trend will convince you if you are still hesitant. Indeed, the Feng Shui style aims at the blooming, the well being in a healthy and peaceful environment which supports the sleep. Its strategy is quite simple, to arrange the space of your bedroom so as to facilitate the passage of the air (vital energy) and to give it a restful look. The principles of feng shui decoration are based on extreme simplicity. In a feng shui bedroom, furniture will be reduced to the essentials and spaced out from each other. No clutter or cluttering.

The choice of furniture also takes into account these same principles: sobriety and simplicity. The feng shui colors are all sober and soft. For the rooms, light green is frequently used. This color reminds us of the privileged relationship between man and nature. On the other hand, the different variations of green promote a harmonious atmosphere between man and his immediate environment. In feng shui decoration, the bed is also the master piece of furniture in the room. It will be quite simple with an extremely flat mattress.

You will make sure that this furniture is not too close to the door or under the windows. For the floor covering, choose a wallpaper with soft colors also in agreement with the draperies and tiles. Feng shui rooms are pleasant, but above all very ecological. So many reasons to try your decoration with feng shui!

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