How to design a rectangular living room

Agree, an elongated rectangle is not the most desirable geometry of space. However, even such a room shape can be beaten, hiding flaws and emphasizing the advantages. Would you like to know how? Let us share the experience of Russian professionals Correct furniture arrangement The simplest (but most effective!) way to visually correct the proportions […]

How to design your bedroomfurniture

Bedroom furniture is the most mysterious area of the apartment for every owner. Luxury individual bedroom bed or an island of family rest, always this room is characterized by mystery, romance and elegance. The design of the bedroom furniture should be based solely on your own tastes, as only you have to settle down in […]

Bedroom Design

For many people, the bedroom is the most important room in the house. Indeed, it is there that we rest, that we recharge and that we recharge our batteries. This is why it is important to think carefully about the design of a bedroom, as well as its decoration. Start with the walls Think about […]

Popularity of Platform Beds

The different types of platform beds Platform beds are ideal for those who want their room to have a minimalist and simple look. The appeal of this type of bed lies mainly on its simple lines and elegant design, and the low profile sleeping surface. There are beds with a base consisting of flat, treed, […]